Explore the World of Artwork Hanging Systems

Beyond the Hammer and Nail: Explore the World of Artwork Hanging Systems

At All About Hanging, we recognise the transformational effect of well-placed art, pictures, and mirrors. But how can you attain that picture-perfect placement? Enter the world of artwork hanging systems, where aesthetics meet functionality. Let’s look at the different alternatives for displaying your cherished possessions in an elegant and secure manner.

The Traditionalist’s Choice: Picture Hanging Hooks

For smaller artworks or those with lightweight frames, picture hanging hooks remain a trusty solution. They come in a variety of styles and materials, from simple nails to decorative hooks that complement your artwork’s character. However, this method requires careful measuring and pre-drilled holes, and frequent rearrangements can leave a trail of unwanted marks.

The Gallery-Worthy Approach: Picture Rail Hanging System

For those yearning for a curated gallery aesthetic, a picture rail hanging system offers a touch of sophistication. This system consists of a discreet track mounted on the wall, along which hooks or wires can be freely positioned. This allows for effortless arrangement and rearrangement of your artwork collection, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving display.

Beyond the Basics: Gallery Picture Hanging Systems

Gallery picture hanging system takes the concept a step further. These comprehensive kits often include rails, hooks, wires, and picture hangers, catering to a wider range of artwork sizes and weights. Some systems boast a nearly invisible design, ensuring the focus remains on your prized possessions.

Choosing the Right System: Considerations for Every Art Enthusiast

When selecting an artwork hanging system, consider these factors:

  • Weight of your artwork: Picture hanging hooks are suitable for lighter pieces, while picture rail hanging systems and gallery picture hanging systems can handle heavier items.
  • Wall type: Some systems are specifically designed for drywall, while others can handle brick or concrete walls.
  • Desired flexibility: Do you envision a static display or frequent rearrangements? Picture rail hanging systems and gallery picture hanging systems offer maximum flexibility.
  • Aesthetics: Consider the style of your artwork and how the hanging system will complement it.

The All About Hanging Difference

With a wide selection of high-quality hanging solutions, expert advice, and exceptional customer service, All About Hanging is your one-stop shop for turning your vision into reality. Browse our website or call today and discover the joy of displaying your treasured pieces with confidence!