Mirror, Art And Picture Hanging Systems

Melbourne's leading mirror hanging, art installation and picture hanging specialists offer a range of quality hanging solutions to solve all your hanging needs. Whether it's renovating your home, decorating a new office space or fitting out an entire hotel, All About Hanging can provide the right hanging solution installed by one of our friendly and experienced team members.

Not only is it important to select the best hanging solution for your situation, but perhaps

the most critical is the professional installation of the hanging devices. Often a mirror, framed

picture or artwork is the centrepiece of a room and used to tie in the overall design and feel

of the space, hence the importance of hanging the piece correctly and not damaging the

surrounding wall.

Below is a selection of the quality hanging systems we can professionally install and happy to discuss with you over a free quote!


A classic and classy picture hanging system with designer looks and extreme versatility. It can be used on walls, ceilings, partitions or with stainless steel or clear nylon hangers.

Locator Minirail

When size truly doesn't matter, the locator minirail is the world's smallest picture rail. It fits neatly under cornices and disappears into its surroundings, while holding up to 25kg per metre.

Locator Extra

This minimialist design is just like the Classic Locator, but with a wider face to allow installing in tight straigh ceilings, while acting as conduit for lighting wires.

Locator Classic

The Locator Classic is just like its name sake and is perfect for hiding both the fixings and hangers from view. The smooth flat rail and cable or nylon hangers are all that's visible.

Picture Rail

All picture hanging solutions comprise of three main components. Step 1 is the piture rail which is nearly always positioned at the top of the wall or directly to the ceiling for maximum hanging space.


The Beta range combines traditional looks with unrivalled strength. The perfect solution for art galleries and exhibitions, they can be used with rigid or flexible hangers to suit all jobs.

Picture Hangers

Picture hangers are made from nylon cord, steel wire rope or rigid steel to hanging pictures or artwork with the flexibility to easily remove or interchange to hangers to suit your picture, mirror or art hanging.

Plaster Rail

The ultimate in minimalist hidden picture rails, the Plaster rail is installed into the wall and hidden from site by the plaster boards. The finished rail leaves space for nylon or steel hangers anywhere along the rail.

Picture Hooks

Picture hanging hooks are designed to work with picture hangers and simply slide on to the hanger from the end. A wide range of hooks can be used with the hangers and will clamp on to secure your picture at the right height.

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