Professional Mirror Hanging vs DIY Mirror Hanging

One of the most valuable assets we are gifted with, and one which is irreplaceable is time. The time we spend at home and the many hours we spend in our work space should be a time enjoyed. For this reason we decorate our space by hanging art, framed pictures and photos, and designer mirrors, to let light and passion shine through the dreariest of days!

It can be a mammoth task to find that perfect piece, and the last thing you want to worry about is expensive and timely wall damage, finding the right tools and embarking on DIY mission to hang a heavy and fragile mirror.

Rather than waste your valuable time and risk creating an even bigger task to repair any damage, then more often than not you will need a picture and mirror hanging professional to ensure that the piece not only looks esthetically pleasing, but is also safely secured.

However it’s important to make sure the person you hire has the right tools and experience to complete the job at hand.

So who do you call? All About Hanging – The picture, artwork, tv and mirror hanging specialists.

We’re based in Melbourne, but available to visit any home, office or business in regional Victoria to wall mount your prized pieces!


It’s important to remember when you hang something on internal structures you can put pressure on the walls and surrounding joints, and of cause every wall is different, with deferent studs and stud spacing. Therefore, it’s crucial to use accurate equipment to locate the most structurally sound areas to install the hanging systems.

The type of hanging system used depends on the situation and dependent on a few factors:

  • The weight and size of the mirror, artwork or picture being hung
  • The material used for the frame i.e. wood, plastic, metal
  • The type of wall surface i.e. plaster, gip rock, brick, tiles

Whether it’s a domestic or business environment, it’s vital to install any elevated object safe and securely, preventing damage to property or injury to people. Let’s be honest, a 20kg mirror falling from 6ft will do more than cause a nasty headache!

So why choose All About Hanging to solve your hanging needs? It’s simple, we’re not on the best and what we do with years of experience solving any wall mounting issues, but are equipped with all the right tools and have an eye for flare. Plus we guarantee that we will leave your premises clean and like something out of a decorating magazine.

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