Professional Mirror Hanging vs DIY

Hanging mirrors can be both a delicate and time consuming job when decorating your home and adding those quality finishing touches. While, you might think this is something any amateur home DIY guy can do safely and professionally. There are many things to consider when hanging a heavy mirror in your home, because if its not securely mounted to the wall, then you could be left with a shattered mirror and 7 years bad luck!

Pictures, artwork and mirrors should be hung by a professional picture and mirror hanger, so that the finished result is one that not only compliments the piece being hung, but ensures you never have to fear it falling of f the wall. If you do the work yourself or by somebody without the necessary experience when hanging gallery standard pictures and mirrors, as they can do a lot of damage to your home, walls and paint work.

Not only can it be dangerous, but if you’ve just spent your hard earned dollars on the best looking mirror, why risk spoiling it just to save a few bucks and not having it hung correctly. If the mirror is slightly off centre, hanging too low, positioned to high or even just slightly crooked, the visual effect of the mirror is ruined and you’ll never not notice the imperfection.

Mirrors are surprising used more often than you’d think in everyday life and when professionally hung on walls or mounted on furniture, they can be used in so many ways for decoration and functionality. if you have an area in your home, office or hallway that is dark and uninviting, then strategically hanging a mirror to redirect and capture as much natural light from a nearby window can brighten the space. Another favourite trick used by interior decorators and real estate agents is the introduction of a mirror hanging in just the right spot, can give the impression that a room is much larger than it is in reality. Hanging a large landscape mirror in a small hallway, room or bathroom can give the illusion of to double the area.

Mirrors have always been an integral piece of interior design and luxury hotel suits, and while mirrors have been around for hundred’s of years, new trends and revitalised designs for mirrors are always emerging.

Pendant Mirrors have recently come into fashion and can be wall mounted to great affect, wither hanging on their own or in a group of various sizes. Often this latest mirror trend will feature a round mirror with a very thin wooden or metal frame surrounding it, then attached by a leather strap to the wall. The mirror gets its pendant look from being fixed to both sides of the round mirror and then being hung above it. These types of mirrors can look great in the right space, but if not hung professionally, these mirrors are very easy to knock off the wall.

Another recent trend is using mirrors combined with actual art pieces to create amazing wall art with either mirror backing or bevelled mirror edging. To say that big and bold aren’t the current choice of small conservative mirrors would be a lie and the use of a large mirror can really make a statement and be a piece of art in its own right. Mirrors are no longer just rectangular or square in shape with a boring frame, but now you can choose frameless mirrors in every shape and texture imaginable. The truth is mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, some look like art, others appear 3D and we use them every day of our lives, so be sure to have them hung professionally.

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